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Bird 4381 RF Power Analyst

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Bird 4381 Thruline RF Directional Wattmeter, 100 mW - 10 kW

The Bird 4381 is a digital RF wattmeter for two-way communications, avionics, CV, radar and many other applications. At the push of a button, this new wattmeter can perform the following functions:

* Read incident and reflected CW and FM power in watts or dBm
* Read incident and reflected peak-envelope-power of SSB/ DSB and symmetrical AM in watts
* Read incident and reflected peak pulse power as narrow as 50 micro-seconds in watts
* Calculate SWR, dB return loss, percent modulation
* Remember peak and valley readings when adjustments for maximum or minimum signal levels are made
* Over-range at least 20 percent beyond nominal full scale

Power Range 100mW to 10kW using Bird Plug-in Elements
Frequency Range 0.45 to 2300MHz
Insertion VSWR with N Connectors 1.05 max. to 1000MHz
Usable Over-range to 120% of full scale ( CW, PEP, SWR and Return Loss)
Sampling Rate 2 to 3 readings per second
Display 3 digit, LED-strobed
Modulation Frequency 50 to 10, 000Hz ( Audio)
Pulse Parameters ( min.) Pulse width 50 microsec., repetition rate 100pps and Duty Factor 1%
Connectors QC Type ( Female N normally supplied)
AC Power

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